Friday, June 5, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

***Note: Sorry girls, I wrote this posting last night so it is far from today's recommended topic. Quickly, let me add our recipe to a successful summer, S-C-H-E-D-U-L-E. We schedule our days. One day we clean the house, another day we head to the children's museum or library, another day we ... well you get the picture. We tried it out last summer and it really helped to keep the boredom monsters at bay, and my sanity intact (though a little frayed.)

Now back to our regularly scheduled Company Girl Coffee:

Hello Company Girls. Grab a mug, would you like tea or coffee?

Have you enjoyed this week's Small Things? After taking a few months off I've jumped back into the fun and really appreciated Rachel Anne focusing on the every day tasks.

Tuesday I joined a Bible study. We are starting Beth Moore's Living Beyond Yourself. The study focuses on the Fruits of the Spirit.

Last Sunday our primary Sunday school began a new quarter and on that Sunday they studied, yep you guessed it, the Fruits of the Spirit.

Don't you love how, sometimes, God throws subtlety to the wind and just hits you over the head.

The basic jists of both studies is how to live out our Christian faith, we all have different strengths and that we can do all things through Jesus Christ.

All this reminded me of a posting I made two weeks ago. The theme of the posting was why it is good to have good friends around, they tell you like it is. And though I may have no zen, I do have Jesus Christ. That means, despite all my faults and shortcomings, everything is possible when I stand on the solid rock.

Enjoy your weekend. It looks like another rainy weekend for us. No matter, we have plenty of indoor projects to keep us busy.

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Diane said...

I have lumps on my head - I don't do subtlety, and get hit over the head often by God!

How boring life would be if God made us all the same!

Anonymous said...

grrr...I just typed my comment and it didn't let me submit it.

Anyhow, we love the library, and there's so much more for kids to do there nowadays. As a kid, we were there every week. My daughter loves going there.

Fruits of the Spirit! My sister did a curriculum with the kids at church one year and it was so fun for them. They presented a little program at the end with songs which was fun for us to watch. Hope you have a good study.

Rachel Anne said...

I wish I were insightful enough to pick up on the Lord's subtleties, but I apparently still need whacks on the head to hear what He is saying. The studies sounds practical! Love that.

I think some kind of schedule is a great idea. When our kids were younger and whiney-er, it was the best thing ever. They could manage to get through a boring day if they knew that the NEXT day promised swimming or an outing....

Have a great weekend!

LydiaCate said...

Great ideas for keeping the kids busy and momma sane :)

I too just started a Beth Moore study. I'm doing the one on Esther. I have to join in and say I'm one that needs a good smack in the head. I always call myself one of Gods remedial children. (SIGH)

Have a great week!

secondofwett said...

Yes, scheduling is the key to having a sane summer isn't it?! The more kids I got the more I, w/teens I just try to keep treading water!