Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Friends

The other afternoon I was on the phone with a friend, we were prepping for a meeting that evening at our church.

We knew what the meeting was about, but we were apprehensive as to where those in the meeting stood, and preparing ourselves for the worst. (Though I am happy to announce the meeting went very well. Now we just need to get leadership on board, find the money, complete the work by fall and our children have a new department. Hmmm, it sounded so simple at the meeting.)

During the course of our conversation we were venting, as I said we were feeling apprehensive. Near the end of our conversation I began to breath deeply and say "I'm finding my zen. I need to calm down and find my zen."

At which time my friend laughed and said "you don't have any zen."

Ah, it is good to have friends who tell you like it is. It is good to have friends who are Type A as well, so we can go crazy together.

Let's sing all together now: He he, ha ha, ho ho, they're coming to take me away, he he, ha ha, ho ho.


Anonymous said...

Hey a blog about me! That is so cool. I should leave my name off of this so people don't know your type A friends...those who follow your blog and know me will know who your talking about though. Hey, do I get a prize for giving you something to write about? (GRINS!) Have a great day!

Suzanne said... the funny farm. I thought I was the only one who related to that song! Love your post. Thanks for the A+ smiles.

Erin said...

Growing up my Mom sang that all the time, now I know why.