Thursday, May 21, 2009

Was It Worth It?

This is a $40 sweatshirt. Yes, I spent $40 on a sweatshirt, on a child's sweatshirt. It is a 4T and EM will have worn it for two seasons. That comes out to $20 a season.

Can't tell you when I spent $40 on an article of clothing for myself.

To set the record straight I did not spend my money. It was charged to an expense account. Oh yeah, that sounded so much better.

No, no. Hubby's company was celebrating a banner year and treated all employees + spouses to a weekend at a swanky hotel, expense account included. (This would be before the recession.) So after a delicious lunch and a trip to the spa we had still had some expenses to account.

Our final purchases included two t-shirts for the boys ($17 each) and this sweatshirt. Which I almost put back. Seriously, $40 for a child's sweatshirt?

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L Harris said...

I agree! $40 for a children's sweater is WAY TOO much. But when it's not your money, it's not so bad.