Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Preschoolers are funny. They can talk, and talk, not necessarily making any sense but they are certainly having a good time. They are also forming their own ideas of the world around them, and very vocal about such ideas. I have such a preschooler in my house. And this preschooler is particularly cute. Maybe it is because she is my last, or my only daughter, but she is cute.

The other Monday we were traveling to my in-laws for lunch. My in-laws live only 5 minutes away. Half way there, or 3 minutes into the trip, EM looks up and asks:

Are we there yet?
We travel past my in-laws house at least every other day. The kids could drive themselves (if their feet would reach the peddles.) They know when we are there, and when we are not.

Tonight the older two had their first summer swimming lesson (i.e. outside pool). It is the first of June, and though we have had a fair share of 80 degree days, we have also had a fair share of rain, so the pool water is still cold.

When Hubby and EM joined us half-way through the lesson the older two were already sitting out and I announced that "we have two popsicles."

A couple minutes later I saw EM looking around with a rather concerned look on her face.

Me: EM, are you OK? You look worried.

EM: No, I'm OK. Mom, where are the popsicles?
She did not want to be left out if there were popsicles to be had.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

I think there is something about the comments of the last child in the house. You are so used to kids who make more "sense", so I think it is so funny to hear that toddler talk again.

She is adorable! Hope your little popsicles survive the pool!