Friday, May 29, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

As I'm writing this EM and I are finishing up our lunch, and the last of those delicious strawberries I picked last Friday. (And soon I'll be pouring myself a cup of coffee.) I loved the responses from last Friday's posting. Some were wondering what does one do with 10 pounds of strawberries. Believe me, they disappear fast. I ended up only freezing 3 cups of whole strawberries (which will go towards strawberry smoothies thanks to Crazy Lady Cheryl); the rest went into the desserts and a bowl that sat in the refrigerator for quick snacks.

This week I finally finished painting the trim in the playroom and moved out into the hallway. It looks great. The newly painted walls really pop out with the white trim. Next I'll move into the kitchen. OK, anyone keeping count? How many months have we been "in the process of painting" or I've said "next I'll be in the [insert room]"?

Today the older kids have field day at school. Actually, field day is just one big water fight, and they have a blast. However, last night as I was organizing their clothes for today I felt as if I was packing for a weekend away. Change of clothes, check. Suntan lotion, check. Towels, check. Sandals, check.

Just now I received a call from a friend asking to drop off her son for the afternoon. These are the friends who bought the coffee shop in Park View and their youngest is in school for only half-days. My daughter and him play so well together I don't mind having him over (though I was planning on an afternoon of TV watching while I folded clothes and ironed. Oh well, it is all goo because I got free smoothies out of the deal.)

Today we are celebrating JT's 8th birthday. Needless to say he was over the moon when he realized that field day was the same day as his birthday.

Before I leave don't forget all the exciting events happening over at Home Sanctuary. If you've been keeping points during May don't forget to send them in to Rachel Anne, ASAP. She is still collecting friendship pictures for her new book, click here for details. And, if you are looking for more Company Girl Coffee then head back to Home Sanctuary and enjoy the visit.


Dani said...

Field Day! We have that next week.

Since you love painting so much, you should come on over and paint my playroom. We need it painted before we even think about another I kinda want it done ;)

Jolanthe said...

You know, you should invite some of your other friends over to vouch for your painting...:)


joyceandnorm said...

Field day sounds like a lot of fun for the kids. When I was in elementary school, we had this thing called Wacky Olympics. It's not all about reading and writing all the time.

Erin said...

Jo, are you offering to help paint;) Hmmm, we have a few VBS weeks coming up when our kids will be occupied.

Reese said...

Have a wonderful time!!
Sounds like you have lots of fun at your house.
Can you come to my house to paint too!

secondofwett said...

I've been trying to get the trim painted white in my house for the last three years!....something always comes up to take it's place in the chore lineup!