Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We are still painting.

Yes, I know. We began this project, oh, mid-March, and since our friend completed the great room and upstairs hallway not much else has been done. For good reasons.

OK, maybe not for good reasons. Hubby and I move slowly when it comes to anything around the house. We've come to accept our snail pace.

Today I began to paint the playroom and the hallway into the kitchen. I spent a good part of the day painting; when I wasn't running to and from preschool, making lunch, making dinner, getting kids off the bus, putting kids down for a nap, checking emails and reading blogs, running in the rain to get the mail, and checking emails and reading blogs.

So after all that painting, and running in circles, I accomplished one coat of paint around the edge of the rooms. Well, two coats in the hallway. Yes, just the edges. The parts of the wall that meet the ceiling, the floor, the corners, and trim. I told you Hubby and I move slowly.

Hopefully, by Saturday, the rooms will be done. Just in time to move onto the kitchen. Then our bedroom, then the kid's bedrooms, then the bathrooms, basement, and then we can start all over again. Remember how slowly we move.

Oh, and to further explain how slowly we move, I first wrote this posting on April 9th. Today is April 29th and finally finishing and posting it.


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