Monday, April 27, 2009

Girlie Weekend

I had a great weekend away, with the girls, in the middle of no where, with lots of laughter, food, wine and fun.

Now I know why our town of 40,000 is called a city. Our town has the closest Walmart to where we were staying in West Virginia, and that is an hour away. In fact, our town has two Walmarts, it must feel like big city shopping to many. And, there is no cell phone service where we were. Not that I'm complaining. No phone, no goodnight calls to the kids, calls saying good morning, and calls from Hubby asking for the pediatrician's phone number. Not home, don't care, don't want to know until after the fact.

OK, so my girlie weekend was two weekends ago. Life happens. And, the weekend was exactly what I needed before facing this past weekend. (Which I already posted about, click over to read about our busy, busy weekend.)

Before I share some pictures I have a few more additions to my post "The Difference between Men and Women." Women in our group were offering to bring a variety of spa tools; foot scrub, foot soak tubs (the ones that make bubbles), paraffin dip, .... I wondered "what would the guys bring?" GPS. And everyone would have their own. NO SHARING.

While telling Hubby about the weekend I said that the guys should plan a weekend away. The problem is, he pointed out, guys don't plan "just a weekend away." It has to have a purpose. Hunting, Geocaching, Golfing, an organized Men's Retreat, ... or whatever else guys do.

Girls, we don't care. Simpler the better. No schedule, no activities. Lots of friends. Lots of food. Lots of wine. Lots of movies, books, crafts, sleeping, walking, wine, eating, sleeping, ... you get the picture.

Now, here are pictures from our weekend:

Our cabin is in the background. We stayed at Lost River State Park. The cabins were nice and the staff was friendly; though next year we hope to reserve a larger cabin, with two bathrooms. Eight women and one bathroom, you do the math.

Another math problem. Two nights and a cabinet full of coffee, tea and hot chocolate mix. You know, just in case some freak snow storm, in the middle of April, stranded us there for an extra week or two.

Two nights and lots of food and wine. Always be prepared for that freak snow storm. (This picture does not fully display the amount of food and wine we brought.)

The happy and relaxed ladies out on the town. I didn't think we looked that different from the locals, but apparently we did as was verified by the number of stares in our direction. Or, maybe they were wondering why these women kept trying to cut one another's food, or "shushed", told the person down the table to sit down, stop talking, don't chew with your mouth open, .... A mom is always a mom.

Movie Night! 80's movies were the main feature during the weekend (80's classics, 90's movies reliving the hey day of the 80's or 80's movies reliving the hey day of the 60's). Oh, and Hugh Jackman feature.

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