Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Weekend in Review

Busy, busy, and more busy. We had one activity after another and I just prayed we arrived where we needed to be on time, and on the correct day.

We did.

Let's see, I should back up and start our weekend with last Wednesday:

Wednesday: Kids to school, back home to steam clean the sofa and work on yard sale stuff. The kids arrived home and we were off to the circus. The goal for the evening: spend as little money as possible. The tickets were free (and the seats were certainly what we paid for.) Thanks to Christmas money from Great-Grandma the kids did enjoy a pony or camel ride, basically an animal of their choice. After the circus it was off to AWANA to meet up with Hubby and finish the pine wood derby cars.

The back of the elephants and lots of poles and wires in the way. Like I said, we got what we paid for.

Thursday: I'm off to school with the kids as I'm spending ALL day on a field trip. Hubby's mother was having outpatient surgery so he took the day off to help her home afterwards. Home in time to transfer clothes from the washer to the dryer and I'm off again with EM for her dance recital rehearsal. Yes the one where I assaulted the poor mom from the kid's school. I saw her again on Saturday and apparently she is still talking to me, just from a distance.

Friday: TO THE GYM. I forced myself to the gym and glad I did, endorphins. To the bank, to the store, back home and finished organizing for the yard sale. There was a big move to clean up the house before the "weekend of crazy" begins. Our old sofa left the house, the kids and Hubby left the house, more yard sale items came to the house, I joined the family at the pine wood derby race.

Saturday: 5:30am, YARD SALE! Well worth the work, and the early wake-up call. Most everything left the premises, what didn't was donated to the Relay for Life yard sale (next week). Shower, eat some yogurt (so I can say I ate something besides donuts all day). Parent's arrive (with Chinese food, thank you) for dinner, and then off to EM's dance recital.

Sunday: Church, (a very hot) college graduation, home to change clothes and eat left over Chinese food, and off to small group.

A great way to end our very busy weekend, spending the evening with friends. Where I can lie on their couch, especially since our new couch will not arrive for another week or two. Our living room consists of an arm chair, two bean bags, and the TV.

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