Sunday, March 15, 2009

We Did Our Part

This week we have done our part to boost the economy.

1. We supported our local Benjamin Moore paint store by purchasing a butt load of paint (yes, I said the "B" word. Don't tell my kids.)

2. Our friend and neighbor started, and almost finished, painting our great room and upstairs hallway. 3. Friday we supported our school's PTA, and ultimately the school. We helped organize the activity, then attended, bided on and won several items at the school's carnival and auction.

4. Today, we supported our local furniture store, the furniture factory, and even added a little to the state's coffers. We bought a sofa. Not any sofa, THE sofa. The sofa we shall keep for years to come, and not because it cost a butt load of money. (but yes, that would be one reason.)
And now?

Tomorrow, I'll clean the house. Between the painting and Friday's carnival the house is a disaster. Well, most of it. All this painting means that pictures and shelves have been moved and corners, crevices and windows not cleaned for 4 years are now spic and sparkly.

Then, we keep painting. Our friend will finish the upstairs this week, and I wish he could do more but his time is limited, as well as our funds. I'm working on the trim this week. Hubby will paint the doors, and then I'll finish the rest of the downstairs, bathrooms, our bedroom (yes, that still needs finishing, or um, starting.)

Speaking of boosting the economy. One of the reasons our friend's time is limited is because his wife and he are in the process of purchasing a coffee shop. If you live around here stay tuned for more information, and get ready for some really great coffee.

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