Thursday, April 9, 2009

What's a Mom To Do?

What is a mom to do when a TV crew is coming to your house, for an interview, and it is spring break ... meaning the kids are home. (OK, it wasn't a "TV crew". It was one guy and a camera, but how many times do you get to say "a TV crew came to my house" and it be for something positive, not because the neighbors turned out to be bank robbers.)


Pure, simple, unapologetic bribery. Pizza, a new toy, maybe ice cream and the threat of being sent to one's room for the rest of the day.

It worked. They behaved. No screaming (a form of "hello" for my children), no running in circles around the house* (a way to say "how nice of you to come"), and only a mild amount of babbling about themselves (and most of the babbling had to do with books, so at least it was on topic ... well, close to topic.)

*No running circles, but the younger two were duck marching back and forth behind the camera, making funny faces, where I could see them since I was in front of the camera.


Neville and Lori said...

do we know a celebrity now!?

Jolanthe said...

How did it go? We get to be together on the news!! :)