Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tiny Talk Tuesday

Welcome to Tiny Talk Tuesday, where we share the cute, funny, and sometimes embaressing things our kids say. This week EM had us in stitches during a "what do you want to be when you grow up" exchange with ED.

In past postings I've shared what our kids want to be when they grow up. At these ages their dreams are simple, and varied. Except for EM. Her dreams are not varied, she wants to be one thing, and one thing only.

EM: I want to be a princess when I grow up.

ED: EM, you could be president instead. You know, like Barack Obama, President of the country.
EM: NO, I want to be a princess!

ED: But, don't you want to be president?

EM: (By this time in tears) NO! I WANT TO BE A PRINCESS WHEN I GROW UP.
(She's crying, I'm laughing)

JT: (trying to help jumped in) Then you would have to move to England. They have queens and princess' in England.

EM: (calming down, but still sniffling from her tears) I don't want to be queen. I want to be a princess.

Princess vs. President continued ...

Monday I asked EM is she wanted to be a princess and a president (hey, we tell our kids they can be anything they want to be, why not.) EM replied with a no. "I want to be a plain princess." You can't argue with a girl who just wants a plain anything.

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Mary@notbefore7 said...

A "plain" princess....so cute. She really wanted to drive that point home.

My daughter didn't want to be president either - but wanted to marry the president...LOL!