Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Uneventful is a Really Good Adjective!

Winter, as much as I love it, can leave me with a feeling of expectation. I'm not sure what I'm expecting to happen? Maybe it is the let-down after the hub bub of Christmas. Maybe it is a case of cabin fever. A nice walk around the neighborhood helps cure restlessness, but undesirable when the temperatures are below 30 degrees.

Last week I was reminded that uneventful is actually a good thing. When you find yourself wishing for something to happen, beware. Or as the old saying goes "be careful for what you wish for."

I received an email from a fellow elementary school parent. She was giving a run down of her crazy week, and she ended the email with the title of this posting. Unfortunatly for her a routine trip to Walmart turned into an extraordinary trip home.

Uneventful is good, unless you enjoy locking your keys in the car. Uneventful is good, unless you don't mind not reaching anyone on the phone. And though her husband loved hearing how she got home, in the front seat of our neighborhood garbage truck, she would have preferred to skip the walk, when the temperature hovered in the teens, she had made before the garbage truck came by.

So, next time you are wishing for something to happen remember "be careful for what you wish for." Instead, be thankful for the uneventful, even a dull trip to Walmart.

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