Thursday, January 15, 2009

A Little Trivial Pursuit

I live south of the Mason-Dixon line, in a small town.

How do I know this (other then the fact that most people talk funny?)

On Friday our town and county government is closing down, along with state government agencies, because it is Lee-Jackson Day. (A Virginia state holiday, so living in a small town probably has nothing to do with celebrating an obscure holiday since the state govenment is also closed.)


Yes, that is exactly what this Yankee girl asks.

Note #1: The "people talk funny" comment is not because people talk funny. They don't, they talk like southerners. The comment was made, by me, many, many, many years ago when I lived in England with my family. While there I picked up an English accent and while visiting family in the States I commented to my cousins that they talked funny. A rather ironic statement since I was the one with the accent.

Note #2: And for more on the history of Lee-Jackson day check out a posting from Southern Daily Points, written in 2007. It gives a history of the day. Interestingly, at one time MLK Day and Lee-Jackson Day were celebrated on the same day. Ummm, and what would we be celebrating that day? Oh, and if you have the stomach for it read the comments to the posting. Yes, unfortunatly ignorance is alive and kicking.

And that ladies and gentleman concludes today's trivial knowledge lesson. I'm thinking even Trivial Pursuit wouldn't ask these questions.

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Anonymous said...

Do you believe I used to have to TEACH that in school!!!!! My comment to my principal at the time, "What crazy KKK memeber came up with THAT holiday (and I use that term loosely)."
Have a good one my friend!