Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It Happens When ...

It is singing with ED the songs from The Sound of Music.

I feel it when JT sits on the arm of the office chair and puts his arm around me while I'm working on the computer

And EM, well she is my youngest so it just oozes out of everything she says and does (well not the temper tantrums.)

All these moments, and many more, make my heart melt. They make me fall in love, all over again, with my children. They make me glad that my children are who they are.

Thank you Lord for such a gift as this.


Annette said...


That is so sweet----it is amazing how those "unexpected yet normal" things with our children just melt our hearts and remind us why each of our children is so special and a blessing from the Lord.

Anonymous said...

What a great post my friend. BTW -- what the heck were you doing up at 4:38 in the morning? :)
Have a good one!

Erin said...

Ha Ha! No I wasn't up at 4:38am. Blogger allows you to schedule your postings and I like picking crazy times.

suzannah said...

my little one has started offering kisses of her own, and i just melt!