Friday, January 16, 2009

If You Forgot, Or Haven't Heared Yet ...

Do you burn more calories walking in the cold? This was the question I (repeatedly) asked myself as I walked around an outdoor outlet shopping center today.

I'm away for the weekend!!!! No kids, a little cooking, lots of eating, sleeping in and scrapbooking. What more could a girl ask for? Oh, right. We also have have lots of chocolate and alcohol. A weekend made in Heaven, just forget that it is 4 degrees, or below, outside.

So, while you wait with baited breath for Monday, when I will share more about my glorious, almost in Heaven weekend y'all have an assignment.

GO GIVE BLOOD ... or at least make an appointment.
Do you like the red color? Totally tacky I know!

Manic Mommy is hosting a virtual blog blood drive. All the details are on her blog, along with the great prizes you could win if you enter.

Off with you now! Be good members of society and help fellow mankind by giving blood. Yes, Hubby that means you too. (Since I can't give it is up to Hubby to enter us in the competition. However, he is being difficult. Grrrr, stupid Mad Cow rule.)

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