Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Has Been Worse ....

Sure I've washed three loads of sheets in the past two days; plus quilts, plus blankets, plus mattress protectors, plus pajamas, plus a pillow and several lovies.

But this is only from one child, it has been worse.

I have three children, the odds of two getting sick at the same time are fairly high. At those times you find yourself washing load after load of sheets just to keep up with the demand.

It has been worse.

Yes, we have had a few late night/early morning awakenings the past two nights to attend to one sick child, but there has been worse awakenings.

Like when a sick 3 year-old got it in his head he must have milk at one in the morning, and I awoke to a barfing child outside my bedroom door and a gallon of milk (FULL GALLON) flooding my kitchen.

That was two years ago, I'm still cleaning up milk splatter.

Whenever there is a sick child I tend to also feel sick, sympathy pangs.

But it has been worse, like all of us sick at the same time. Or when ED and I sat on the couch one night, using the same bucket to ... you KWIM.

For the past three weekends the kids have rotated some bug to each other (only hitting on the weekends.) Hopefully this is the end, especially since EM's has been the worst of the three. The other two got over it within 24 hours.

We are on Day 2 with EM.

She has reached that point when you are sick of being sick and tired of throwing up, but what can you do but sit on the couch and look miserable and mad ... and keep a bucket near by.

Here is to a healthier start to our week.

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MaNiC MoMMy™ said...

Is everyone feeling better!?!?! I HOPE SO!!!

The Sunday post is up about your bloody donation! : )

THanks so much to you both! : )

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REDrast. (red, blood, get it?)