Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pros and Cons

I love my job. The occasional late nights and consistent early mornings are a little wearing, but well worth the benefits.

However, there is one benefit I do miss from my pre-child job; business lunches, holiday parties and happy hour. (OK, that is three benefits and not really official work benefits, but you get the idea.)

Today Hubby's department at work held their holiday party. Usually they head out to a local restaurant for an extended lunch. Due to budget restraints this year they held a pot luck at a co-worker's house. Either way it was a party and when he called me to say he should be leaving in 30 minutes I felt a little jealous. :::sigh:::

Yes, I don't think it had anything to do with the mayhem three little munchkins were making behind me, though it was a very different sound from that I heard across Hubby's phone.

No, no, I love my job and certainly would not trade it in for anything else, at this time. And truth be told there are other benefits I would loose at a regular job. Like going to the gym in the morning, running to the store whenever, watching TV at any time or taking a nap in the afternoon, not that I know anything about the last two.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah definitely not an extrovert....PLEASE!!!!