Friday, December 12, 2008

A Busy Day

Welcome to Company Girl Friday. Grab your favorite drink and visit for a bit. Sorry to say I can't stay long. I almost didn't post today, but had to take a minute to visit with the Company Girls.

As I'm typing I'm woofing down my lunch, half a bagel with peanut butter (it is 2:00pm). Really, the only reason I'm eating anything at this point is so I can drink another cup of coffee and not get the shakes.

I just finished making the gifts for my kid's classmates. Chocolate covered pretzels. Now I knew chocolate could be temperamental; for that reason I don't melt it in the microwave and many times over I have learned to NOT mix it with extract. So I had it melting on the double burner and I thought it would stay smooth and melted with a consistent source of heat ... um no. I think the problem was that I melted a pound of chocolate at one time. Slow and steady wins the race.

But the gifts are done. Don't they look delish? Oh, and colored sugar does not do so well on chocolate after it dries. Thought the pretzels would be all glittery, instead the sugar looks dried up and cracked. Live and learn ladies, live and learn.

Well I need to go, finish my bagel and infuse myself with some more energy drink (aka coffee.) The ironing is calling my name, finish folding clothes, still do my devotions for the day, get the kids off the bus and supervise them cleaning their bathroom (happy Friday), clean up the kitchen and make dinner. I invited my mother-in-law over for dinner and though she cares less about the state of my kitchen or my house I care.

Oh, when do we get over our need to create the perfect picture?

Don't forget to celebrate today. I am celebrating the fun in getting ready for Christmas. I've started my Christmas baking, almost done with our cards, we have a guest for dinner tonight, and we get our Christmas tree tomorrow.


Crazy Lady Cheryl said...

What a beautiful blog! I love the snowflakes. And your pretzels look beautiful, too! :) Have a wonderful weekend!

secondofwett said...

My goodness, tired me out just reading about it! Have a great weekend!

Dani said...

I love those pretzels...yum! I may make those for my daughter's party. Have a great dinner tonight!

Rachel Anne said...

Chocolate pretzels, eureka! I love those and so does everyone else. In fact, I think I have some chocolate bark I can melt (I microwave) AND some pretzels. I've got to get cracking on my baking.

I think I will use this coming week as my Baking Week. If I do it too early, guess who eats it all?? I can't resist.

Joyce said...

I could use one (or more) of those pretzels right now. Hope you have a good weekend even with all that stuff to do.

CindyC said...

mmm... chocolate covered pretzles. Those sound wonderful! What a brilliant idea!

Fishy Girl said...

Yummm...chocolate pretzels. My girls love these. Maybe we can squeeze in some time to do these.

Mommahen said...

Nothing says love like chocolate covered pretzels. Regardless of how they look they will still taste wonderful. What a sweet mom you are to make these gifts for your children's friends. And I sometimes eat lunch at 2 also! Thanks for inviting us over.

Esthermay said...

They look delish.
I learned my lesson with the colored sugar too. Non-perils (the little colored bee-bee's) work awesome on chocolate.
Live and learn!
God Bless your Weekend!
~esthermay @The Heart of a Pastor's Wife

Mary@notbefore7 said...

YUM! You did a great job with them! I just LOVE pretzels and chocolate.

Erin said...

I'm sure I've eaten chocolate covered pretzels, just haven't made them before. Not sure why, maybe I was worried about how they turned out, but I had one tonight and they tasted really good. I'm wondering why I've never made them before. They were good. And the cost to make 60+ pretzels was pennies per pretzel.

This is going down as a "must make" every Christmas ... just not right before EM's nap time, but that is another story.

mholgate said...

Chocolate Pretzels! Yum, Yum! I tried making butterscotch fudge yesterday and it didn't go over very well. Actually, it turned out more like candy than fudge! The kiddos thought it was delicious though, so I made points with them. : )

We ended our day of celebration by watching "Rudolf's Shiny New Year." Nothing like cuddling in with the kiddos under a blanket and watching a movie when you're feeling sick. (I'm battling a cold.)

Thanks for taking time for coffee!

Anonymous said...

I love chocolate covered pretzels! They do look delicious.