Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christmas Edition

We weren't long into December when the kids talked of nothing else but Christmas. Christmas decorations, Christmas presents, Christmas trees, Christmas songs, ....

This weekend we (finally) headed to the tree farm and picked out the perfect tree. According to ED the perfect tree was: Shaped like a triangle and as tall as Daddy.

While there the kids began talking to another family (their children were older) when the topic of Santa came up. *Note, we don't do Santa, but more on that another day.

Lady: So are you ready for Santa to come?

ED: Our parent's bring the gifts.

Lady: (A little surprised by the response) Oh, (pause) well that is nice.

With all the talk of Christmas I still didn't have much for today's Tiny Talk edition, so I asked the kids some leading questions about Christmas. And crossed my fingers that they made me look good.

Me: What is your favorite part of Christmas?

EM: When you go to school, have snack, play, do craft, show and tell, ... (I'm thinking she did not understand the question.)

ED: Making Hershey Kisses, watching the train, eating candy canes, getting our tree, getting presents, (he was talking so fast I couldn't write everything down) and everything.

JT: Waking up in the middle of the night and getting my stocking of toys.

Second Leading Question
Me: What does Christmas mean?

EM: You get a Christmas toy.

Me, to myself: (Uh oh, not sounding good)

ED: Baby Jesus is born.

JT: I got the real meaning of Christmas.

ED: No, that was the first meaning.

EM: That was the 2nd meaning. (She must have still been thinking of toys.)

JT: The real meaning, when Jesus was born. It isn't about presents and toys but worshiping Jesus when it is his birthday.

Dad: That is what ED said.

JT: Oh

Me, thinking to myself: (Phew, looking good. Except for the near brawl that broke out between the boys in deciding who had the real meaning of Christmas.)

EM: Part of Christmas is getting a tree, opening presents and getting a stocking.
Ok folks. That brings an end to this Christmas Edition of Tiny Talk Tuesday.

Head over to Not Before 7 for more tiny talk, and enjoy.

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Julie said...

Oh my that's so funny! Sounds like what would happen at my house, my boys will fight over just about anything, the meaning of Christmas included lol. I see you are in the Fall Reading's it going? I didn't get all mine done, but I did read and that's what it's all about, huh? I enjoyed my visit to your blog. :)