Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Like ...

Around here it is (finally) beginning to look and feel like Christmas.

It was about Tuesday last week when I realized Christmas was only 2 weeks away. Until this past weekend our house was only semi-decorated. I've been working on our Christmas cards since November, and they are still not out yet ... but more on that another day. My credit card is looking a lot like Christmas, and yes my shopping (for the most part is done). At the stores it doesn't feel like Christmas. Sure they are playing music and the Christmas decorations are up, since mid-October, but since they have been up since mid-October I've feeling a little desensitized by their magic.

All that changed this weekend when we headed to the Ostlund Tree Farm and picked out the perfect tree. To find out how ED described the perfect tree head over to yesterday's Tiny Talk Tuesday.

Out we trooped, hand saw in ... well ... in hand. The kids searched for the candy cane tree while Hubby went looking for the perfect tree, hoping to have it cut down before we all join him. Apparently it isn't all that encouraging to have the four of us stand around the tree cheering and yelling "timber" when he pushes it down, while he is lying on the cold, frozen, muddy, ground sawing away.

Every year I threaten Fred Ostlund that I'm calling him if any baby praying mantis', or other insects, enter our house via the tree. He laughs and something tells me he isn't heading over to help sweep up the hundred little invading bugs if said call is made. Thankfully, knock knock, we haven't faced any insect invasions and I hope it stays that way because I'm not sure how to clean out bugs from 18-foot ceilings.

After we hauled the tree down to the shaking, wrapping, throw it on your car station we headed to the spring house where they serve hot chocolate, you pick an ornament for your family, (one ornament per family, meaning I'm mediating between my three as to who gets to pick it this year) and warm up by the fire. And, for the third year I attempt that perfect picture of the kids while sitting on the sled. We are still working on that one.

Once home the kids dispersed, they seem to loose interest in the whole tree decorating process while Hubby unties it from the car, carries it in, straightens it in the tree stand, and gets frustrated at me since my idea of helping is holding a branch while straightening it. Hey, those branches are prickly and sappy. Give a girl a break.

Once the lights and ribbon are on the kids are game to start. Actually what they want to do is find all the ornaments that are there's. Is this one mine? Who gave me this one? Did I paint this one? Why does he have a gingerbread man and I don't? What do you mean he has 6 ornaments from Gran and I only have 5? (Umm, how old are you?)

And to ensure that they don't break any fragile ornaments I'm constantly reminding them to be careful, because if that one falls it will break ... or make a dent in the floor. This added another question every time they picked up an ornament, "will this one break?" No, the cross-stitch ones won't break. No, the felt ones won't break. No the paper cup bells won't break. But, the glass star you just dropped onto the couch may break if not careful.

The kids had a blast. They have been begging for our tree since the beginning of December. And I am glad we finally have it up. It is now looking like Christmas in our house, because nothing says "Christmas" then dodging an 8-foot Christmas tree sitting in your living room.

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