Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shout Out!

Oh yes, this is a shout out to Good Friends. Because without friends where would we be when our car doesn't move, thanks to a broken parking break cable, it is after church (meaning everyone is tired, hungry, and grouchy), and it is *&#^@ cold outside?

Yes, this happened to us on Sunday. We piled into the car, backed out of our parking space with no problems, (apparently you can drive in reverse with a frozen wheel, however I don't think law enforcement nor the other vehicles on the road would have appreciated us driving backwards for 10 miles) and then got no where fast.

A good friend came over to problem-solve with Hubby while I took the kids inside. The good friend's wife and their kids soon followed. I've been stranded by the side of the road enough times to know how little fun it can be. You are at the mercy of strangers and mechanics with questions running through your head; how am I getting home (plus Hubby and three kids), how long is this going to take, how much is this going to cost???????/

Knowing that Hubby had help and I had a friend to chat with while the kids played (very nicely and patiently even though it was lunch time) helped me to relax and made the time go faster.

The men unfroze the wheel, we soon returned home and the car deposited at the garage.

The repair bill was not bad, though I had other ideas on how to spend $120. EM and I spent two days at home, no car = home bound. Which I actually enjoyed since I cleaned and organized to my heart's content. I finally threw away the fall pumpkins and gourds rotting on my front porch next to the Christmas lights and garland.

We are now back to our reguarly scheduled lives and even more grateful to those around us offering a helping hand.

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Anonymous said...

YES! I made the blog (again -- something about me spilling garbage all over your feet and laughing so hard I couldn't help clean it up). Glad we could be of service. Nothing you wouldn't do for us!
J. D. M. & J.