Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Video Delight

I posted this two years ago, as noted below, when JT went off to his first week of camp. This year it is ED's turn. He is presently enjoying his first night at camp. Though, I'm not suffering from the same amount of separation anxiety, I thought the video, and posting, deserves a replay:

Our oldest is spending this week at overnight camp. I do hope he is having a better time then this poor kid:

In February/March, when we registered him for camp, it sounded like a good idea. Last year he enjoyed several overnight and weekend programs with his Grandfather and Dad. And, the prospect of going to camp "by himself" was almost too much excitement for him to handle. As the date of departure approached he was still excited, I however went into "Mom Worry" mode.

His Dad dropped him off at camp. When they arrived they were given a list of the check-in procedures; the last one stated that parents should meet the counselor, help their child make their bed, and then leave. Apparently, some parents need encouragement in leaving their baby behind. This is why my husband dropped off our son. Had I been the delegated parent, camp staff would have had to escort me off the grounds, after they found me hiding in the bushes.

Really, it is another reminder of how quickly they grow up. One summer we are wishing they were old enough for camp; then all too soon our wish is granted, and we are wishing them home.

***Updated: The video is now updated. Apparently the video I used two years ago was no longer available.

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