Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The One Where I Apologize

I am one of those annoying people who rarely get sick.  My illness schedule is such, I tend to contract a cold in the winter and one in the summer.  (And yes, I am so Type A that even my illnesses are scheduled.)  Which I combat with the usual medications, suffer for a few days, and then go on my merry way when it passes.  Every few years my number is called up for a stomach bug, or strep, or bronchitis, or something else that keeps me down for a day or two, maybe requiring a medication or two, but nothing series.

My kids seem to have inherited these same great genes of mine.  Colds are not "stay home from school" worthy.  That is why drugs were created, and don't forget your pack of tissues.  Granted, we contract the occasional serious bug.  At least once a year someone is in the doctors office for a sick visit.   

All this means I have very little sympathy for those who deal with chronic problems.  Allergies that seem to hit 9 months out of the year, really.  Oh, you have A.nother cold.  That's nice.  Your kids are sick again!  Wow.  All said with an empathetic smile, and little sympathy in my tone. 

Four weeks ago that scratchy feeling, in the back of my through arrived, ugh I hate that feeling.  Once I finally diagnosed it as allergies (something that is considered "adult onset" and may or may not arrive every year) I popped one of those amazing 24 hour allergy pills, and continued along my merry way.  After feeling better, though not 100% I stopped the pills, and now I'm paying for it.

Though, at this point it has turned into a full blown cold.  I am a preschool teacher after all.  I do know that I've been dragging, and hacking, for over a week.  Last Friday I went to bed before my children.  And, though I've discontinued the use of that wonderful, knock you out so you can sleep medicine, I'm still hacking.  Maybe only half of my lung, but the cough and congestion are still there. 

Needless to say, after 4 weeks of some sort of congestion related uckiness, I am tired of it.   Just as I have little sympathy for the chronically sick, I have little sympathy for my body.  Little sympathy, and little patience.  I do not understand this thing of "take it easy".  It will pass, because I tell it to, and I have things to do. 

Yeah, that saying works as well on my body as it does on my kids.  

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