Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Since school has begun, and I can now grocery shop without children, I am realizing that I cannot be trusted in the store.  I have this urge to stock up on food, and not the "the world is about to end" urge, but more like a "winter is coming, stock up the food" urge. 

And, I am not saying that stocking up on food is a bad thing.  In fact, when done with planning and budgeting, it is a good domestic act.

When I do it, it becomes something that resembles Hoarders. 

The last time I felt this way I was pregnant with #2, and purchased enough cereal to last us till #3 came along.  (Of course, that may not have been a lot of cereal, since our family planning resembled the stair step method.)

NO, I am not pregnant.

However, as I walk down the grocery store aisles I am resisting, and resisting to resist, the urge to stock up on food. 

I get it.  We are moving into fall.  This is the season for lazy weekends, spent at home, inviting friends over for a game night, potlucks, and doing absolutely nothing, including cooking.  It is also the season for back to work, soccer games, back to school activities, followed by fall festival activities, followed by holiday festival activities, committee meetings and busy weekends. 

What I am stocking up on are easy, already prepared, shelf stable or freezable, foods.  Items that are easy to prepare, when I have not.  Or, as some may say, preserved foods.  Po-tay-toe/Po-tah-toe.

Maybe it would be helpful if I ventured into canning foods, instead of stocking up on store bought food, oh well.  Until this urge passes, I am not to be trusted in the grocery store.  Then again, looking at all I have bought, this isn't a bad thing since our freezer and cupboards are stocked. 

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