Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Post Vacation Breakdown

We arrived home Sunday, after enjoying cooler weather and lake swimming for a little over a week. 

Here is what we came home to:

10 messages on our answering machine:
  • 1 was an actual message, from a person we know
  • 1 just recorded background noise (ala Call Center)
  • 8 were completely silent (I love election years, along with people who once had our phone number, and no longer do, because it now belongs to us, yet the debit collectors still call us, asking for her.  That person, I love, along with the person(s) who share Hubby's name, and also owes money.  I also love them.)
1 USPS mail box (the plastic type they use in mail centers, not the metal ones we place in our front yard.)

And, in that mail, was 1 mailing from VMRC (a local retirement community) and 1 letter announcing we won a cemetery plot.  (I am not sure which is more disconcerting, these recent mailings, or the coupons for baby formula and diapers.) 

Loads of laundry.  (No, I am not counting the total loads of laundry, because I am not, yet, done, and it will make me cry.)

Grocery shopping, oh my the bill of replenishing the  supplies.  And, it doesn't help that we are hosting two teenage boys for two weeks, and hosting a party this weekend.  (I need school to start so our lives can slow down.) 

A cat that has not stopped screaming at us, for leaving her alone for a week.  (Or, maybe she is upset we returned.  All we know is she is psycho, and loved the girl who took care of her while we were gone.)

Jump in feet first.  Yes, yes we did.  After being away for 10 days, and driving for over 1000 miles, we jumped into our Monday feet first.  Hubby to work, JT to a camp, school activities, laundry, prep work for a party we are hosting on Saturday and for 2 exchange students who arrive on Friday.  Jumping in, yes we are.     

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