Saturday, July 28, 2012


Typically, the week before we leave for vacation, I am running errands all over town.  I am picking up this, stocking up on that, and realizing that I waited too long to find a good deal on bathing suites.  Winter coats in July?

Then there is the car issue, getting it ready for a long trip.  Oil change, check.  Tires rotated, check.  One year we were trying to fix a Check Engine light issue, and our car was still at the garage a day before our planned trip.  The hairs on the back of my neck are standing up from remembering that stressful week. 

To combat this undue stress I am trying to be more organized, a month or two leading up to a vacation, thinking through what we need.  Purchasing new games/DVDS for the car ride, stocking up on toiletries and supplies, and purchasing clothes regardless of the deal.

It may be because the kids are now older, and I can plan past a day.  What ever the reason, the crazy errand running has been nil this time around. 

The kids have had a camp all week long.  I've been able to make a trip to the gym.  Run to the store, once.  Fit in some doctor's appointments, and reorganize our basement closet.

Why did I decide to reorganize the closet?  Granted, when we return from our vacation we will have guests, but they won't be using the closet in our office.  Since it is a tight turn around, between arriving home and their arrival, I am trying to complete some preliminary cleaning before we leave.  However, it did not require me to re-box and reorganize the entire closet.  However, here I am, when I could be packing.

That is OK.  My trusty to do list is stuck to the refrigerator.  Piles of vacation odds and ends are slowly making their way to my bedroom.   It is funny, I am feeling stressed because I am not stressed out enough about packing (i.e. I haven't started to officially pack yet.)

Yes, I know there is medication for these problems. 

My saving grace, I know there is a Walmart just down the road from our vacation spot.  And, between here and there we travel around, at least, 2 major cities.  Plus, an Ikea.  Oh yeah, we have made an Ikea run, while on our vacation.  We can save that story for another time. 

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