Tuesday, May 1, 2012


How do I know if I am having one of those weeks?

I look for the dried rice krispie cereal on the bottom of my kitchen sink.

Not even the ever growing pile of papers on the kitchen counter, kitchen table, storage bench, and the buffet in the living room will tell me I'm having one of those weeks, though it does indicate a still crazy week.  (I think I have figured out how Michelle Duggar's house always looks picked up, she home schools.  The number of papers my kids bring home, each and every day, ... save a tree people.)

Every evening, before I go to bed, a resolution is made, to myself; I will get up when my alarm goes off (the first time).  This will allow me plenty of time to get ready, help the kids get ready, have breakfast, and clean up the kitchen before we all leave the house.

The reality, each and every morning, is I hit the snooze alarm until the very last minute.  When I finally rise from bed there is just enough time to get myself ready, the kids are on their own.  Maybe, I can put the dirty dishes in the dishwasher before we leave the house ... if it isn't filled with clean dishes.

As I leave the house I promise myself that I will clean up when I return home.  Make dinner, after dinner, ...?  Around dinner time seems like an obvious time to clean the mess from breakfast, if we have dinner.

However, and this is how I know I'm having one of those weeks, we will not be home for dinner, or have been running from points A, B, and C that dinner becomes Point D.

So, that is how I know if I am having one of those weeks.  Those weeks where you are never home, it feels like; yet, the house seems dirtier and more cluttered every time you return to it.  How is it possible for a house, which is vacant for a good part of the day, keeps getting so cluttered?  I do believe the dust bunnies are revolting, and messing up the house.

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