Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things I Love

 A friend has begun posting, on Facebook, things she loves.  I am loving these posts because they are reminding me to look around and find joy in the everyday.  The mundane.  And, even in the frustrating.

So, without much shame, I am stealing this idea, and posting some of my loves (I could say my favorite things, but I'm pretty sure Oprah has that phrase trademarked) from this past week. 

Things I Love:

The Circus:  Even after a full day of work, and a week of crazy, the circus has a contagious air that makes you forget all your troubles.  Sharing it with my kids makes it 10 times more fun.

A Good Mechanic:  One near by, will take your crazy calls, allows you to drop in without an appointment, change out your break light bulbs, and charge you for only the bulbs, no labor.

Fun and Dedicated Co-Workers:  Enough said.

A full cupboard, allowing me to throw together a delicious dinner.  OK, Hubby and I thought it was delicious, the kids, not so much.

Living in a small town, with an amazing depth in resources; from what to do with your kids to help with special needs children.

My kid's teachers:  Enough said.

A wonderful husband, who would rather be home then working the crazy amount of hours that he is working at the moment.

Warm weather, though I would have liked to see some winter this past season.

Time to read a book:  Enough said

Living in a neighborhood where my kids can play outside, with friends.

Introducing my kids to a Christian rock concert.

Look around this week, what do you love?

Car-Pool Buddies: You know who you are

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