Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Wednesday, That Felt Like a Monday

My alarm went off, at which time I turned it off and went back to sleep.

It is raining.

Everyone is running late: waking up, getting breakfast, getting organized, getting to school, getting to work.

The (brand new) washing machine has a puddle of water in front of it.  I haven't done laundry for 24 hours?

The school car pool line is congested, considering the bell just rang 30 seconds ago.

It is raining.

The garbage truck, I'm following, stops right in front of the driveway I need to turn onto in order to arrive at work.

What am I forgetting?  As we set up the classroom for the kids I know I am forgetting something.

WAIT, photocopies of coloring pages are needed.

It is raining, and now it is thundering.

We are missing 3 kids, we fear the stomach bug has reached our students.

Everyone is grumpy.  No one is happy.  Whine, whine, whine.

It is raining.

Oh wait, now that school is over I remembered what I was forgetting earlier. 

Oh look, did it stop raining?

It is raining, again.

Trying to upload pictures to Facebook, is it just me who has problems?

Everyone is tired, grumpy, and whining.  Let us all head to church with our wonderful attitudes.

So the day has been a long one.  I am ready to go home.  It is now 5 minutes, 10 minutes after children and adult activities were supposed to end at church.  The kids are done, WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS!

Melt down in the car, on the way home.  "Look kid, I'm sorry you feel this way, but I do not have the emotional capacity to care until tomorrow morning."  

Today was Leap Day.  Sometimes an extra day is a good thing.  Today, not so much.  Then again, it was an extra day, so it doesn't really count.  Tomorrow is a new start, to a new month, with no extra days. 

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