Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Weekend Update

In the form of Twitter, if I did Twitter this is what my feed would look like.  However, I don't Tweet, so this is what my blog looks like:

They are calling for snow this weekend.  Must be a slow news day.

Friday morning:  Hang on tight, it is looking like a wild day.  Lots and kids, and lots of errands to complete before picking up even more kids.

Still calling for snow, but the ground is not cold enough for it to lay.

Kids were not crazy enough, today at school, no snow.

It is raining, they are still calling for snow, better head to Walmart for all our provisions. 

Provisions, for the chili Brian is making, for our church's annual chili cook-off Saturday night.  We are good Mennonites, no amount of snow would cancel the barn party.

It is snowing.  No seriously, it is actually snowing, and laying.  The ground has a cover of snow.

Saturday Morning:  I am happy for the previously sick child who came into our room this morning to tell us he is now feeling better.  However, at 6 AM, on a Saturday, it is hard to muster any cheer. 

It is still snowing.  The ground is still covered.  The roads are looking slushy. 

Thankfully, there are enough bibs, boots, gloves and hats to fit the four kids presently in our house.  The boots may be a tight fit, but it is that or cold feet. 

Did I mention it is snowing.  In October. 

Editing this weeks shopping list, to include snow boots. 

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