Friday, September 23, 2011

Fall Into Reading Challenge

The weather is turning colder, meaning that it is time to curl up with a good book.  As soon as I finish my gardening.  We went all out in the gardens last weekend, and I'm still cleaning up; plus, I'm committed to get the weeding done, this time.

Welcome to Callapidder Days Fall Into Reading Challenge, 2011.

Ah, so why do I join in the challenge, and more importantly, what am I reading this fall. 

That is the question I ask every time.  I'm not a fast reader, so I will not be winning any "longest, completed list".  Many times I never finish my list, that is just how life goes.  I do enjoy sharing my lists with you.  I am a reader, and readers like to share their favorite books.  It is what we do.  I also enjoy looking over other lists.  I am a reader, and I am always looking for books to add to my list.

As with every challenge, I find my lists revolve around a theme.  Yes, it may be a little OCD, but welcome to my world.

This challenge, I'm working on a youth fiction theme.

First up: Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.  Yes, I know, shocking that I haven't yet read the book.  At the time that the books were being published I could care less about youth fiction.  Then Hubby and I began to catch the movies, when they were shown on TV, and I became intrigued by the series.  However, at the time I was busy having, and  raising, babies.  No time to read a 600 page book at my house, so Hubby and I began to listen to them on CD.  We quickly became hooked on the series.

Now my children are reading the series, and listening to the CD's, and watching the movies.  All this means that we have the books lying around our house, so I've decided that now is as good a time as any to enjoy this series the old fashion way.

Now, I don't plan on reading the series all at once, or in a row, or ....  What I'm trying to say, when I've completed Sorcerers Stone I will not move on to Book 2, instead I will start another series, starting with Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen.

And, so we go, I will finish Hoot, and move to Chamber of Secrets, then back to Carl Hiaasen and Flush, so on and so forth.  However, I will stop there, in regards to my reading list, because I'm thinking 4 books will be an accomplishment for me.

On top of these books, our church is reading The Naked Anabaptist, by Stuart Murray.  Unlike past years, when our church has read a book together, I am not heading our Primary Sunday school department.  I get to sit with the adults for awhile, my motivation to read the book this fall.

Beth Moore's David: Seeking a Heart Like His is my Bible Study material for the fall.  Which I need to start working on, as soon as I'm done with this post.  The study has begun, and I am missing the first two meetings.  The path of good intentions ..., and all that.  Regardless of when I get around to making it to the study, I am just glad to be involved in a Bible study, it has been too long.

So, that is my very basic list.  As in the past, I may easily change it up and come December, you (and I) will see what I actually did read.

Happy Reading!


Kristin said...

I loved reading the Harry Potter series and have been thinking about rereading them - maybe this time around doing the audio version.

My list is a combo of review books and books that will help me complete the other reading challenges I am participating in.

Good luck!!!

Sandra Stiles said...

I have the Harry Potter series on my shelves at school yet I've never read them. I have read Hoot and Flush. Flush is part of our school curriculum. My students have kept SCAT checked out so I've not had a chance yet. Lots of luck with your reading.

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

Looks good, Erin! I don't know if I could hop back and forth between series, but I have been telling myself that I should reread the Harry Potter books -- I loved them the first time and they deserve a second read. Thanks for being part of FIR '11! Enjoy your fall reading!

Susanne said...

That's what I love about Katrina's Challenge, you can change books if you want, the goal is just to read! Happy reading with whatever you end up choosing. :v)