Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nothing is Sweeter

Want to watch me blow my temper in 5 seconds flat?  Then be an 8-year-old who, every time we are in the car, worries over the gas tank gage.  Apparently, it was too low for his comfort level, and felt it necessary to tell me every 2 minutes.  ALL WEEK.

For the record, I do push my gas tank, but not to extreme levels.  As soon as that light comes on I'm off to a gas station, even though I know I have at least 5 gallons left, or may be 6.

Every time he commented on his discomfort I would interrupt him and ask if he trusted me.  I mean seriously, do I want to be stuck along side the road in this heat?  With this he would protest that I did not let him finish what he was about to say, which would be the same thing he said 2 minutes ago.  Nothing has changed.  And, who encouraged my children to have a voice, and make sure that they were heard.  I must draw the line at vocal children.

Yes, there we were, in the car, driving around town; he lecturing me on his discomfort with the gas gage level, and me with a temper hotter than outside and thinking I may drop him off at the next gas station.

As I write this, I'm wondering how may parents managed to never drop me off at the next gas station.  Oh my, it truly is all nature, nurture is a load of crock. 

You know all those parents begging their adult children to make them grandparents.  It is not only that they want to be grandparents, all the benefits of young children without the sleepless nights and stretch marks.  No, they also want revenge.  Think about it, nothing must sound so sweet to a grandparent's ear then to hear the frustrations their children face as their grandchild behave exactly like their children at that age.  

Sorry, I digress.

That weekend we were on the road.  The gas gage was running low, Hubby was driving, I opened my mouth and stated that the gas gage was below half.  ED says "that is OK Mommy, I trust Daddy".

Sweet revenge boy.  I am already planning my sweet revenge.

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