Monday, July 25, 2011

Memo Monday

To Whom Ever Has Recently Sent Me an Email,

I may, or may not, reply.  I may, or may not lose it in my ever increasing in box.

At the moment my in box is a bit of disaster, due to a combination of my discouraged perfectionism,  a not-here-soon-enough beach vacation with my family (planning meals), the end of the Primary SS year fast approaching, the start of a new Primary SS year fast approaching, handing off all my Primary SS duties to two new superintendent, oh, and needing to find ONE more Primary SS teacher. 

So, if you received my email P.L.E.A.D.I.N.G. for teachers I would appreciate a "yes" from someone, anyone, Bueller?  If no one answers then we are resorting to the age old "the lot" to pick a teacher. 

There is the added luxury, which is aiding in my disorganization, that Hubby has set up my ITouch to receive my emails, instead of always logging into my email account.  Which, is nice and all, but then I'm checking emails on my Touch, but not on the computer, meaning I now have a LOAD of unopened emails in my email account, and I'm not deleting nor replying to anything.

Everyone got that?  Me neither, moving on.

At this point, I am just biding my time.  I've stopped sorting my emails into files, and spending an excessive amount of time looking for the ones I need when I return to a task.  I'm waiting till after the beach, to erase all emails with "beach" in the subject line.  I am waiting for the first Sunday in September to erase any, and all, emails with "Sunday School" in the subject line.

And I am not looking back.

So, if I haven't replied to your email, try me in September.  If you replied to one of my emails, and I'm asking the same question again, sorry.  And, please reply, again. 

Thank you for your patience,

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