Saturday, July 2, 2011

It Is The Thought That Counts

Several summers ago I borrowed my friend Jolanthe's idea on dealing with wet swim suits. 

I love those Command Strips and hooks from 3M.  They are everywhere; hooks on doors, holding up pictures and front door decorations.  And, wet swimming suits:

 This is the reality: 

Apparently the hooks are too far away for my children to reach.
This child receives half credit: 


***Full Disclosure:  3M does not know who I am, and probably does not care that I LOVE their products.  Well, they may care a little bit.  All this means that they did not sponsor this post.  I am, independently, praising 3M's products.  Now, if they wish to send me free products and coupons as a way to say "thank you", you know, if some poor soul at 3M has been employed by said company to spend their days looking for little blogs like mine, just click on "About Me" to reach me. 

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