Monday, June 6, 2011

The Veteran

My daughter just finished up her third year of dance.  This means I just survived my third dance recital.

Now, let me clarify, in the world of dance recitals, we have it easy.  I've heard the nightmarish stories of stripper like costumes, that cost $100 a pop, multiple costume changes, rehearsals taking up weeks of time,  and 4 hour recitals.

4 HOUR RECITALS!  Seriously!  People, Broadway shows and movies are not 4 hours long.  Can we say, ... I have no idea what you would say to that.  I just don't get it.

Sorry, I digress.  Anyway.  As far as dance recitals go, we have it easy.  My most nightmarish story may be sitting there watching tween girls dance hip hop to a song titled Candy Store.  Let me be clear, this was not the lollipop and gumdrop type of candy store :::cough::: :::cough:::  I covered my own ears, and made a mental note to NEVER allow my daughter take a class from this one teacher.  I wasn't worried about my boys, they were not paying attention.

Expect a learning curve the first year.  There are some things I was clueless on, like how to make a hair bun, and was very thankful for a veteran mom's advice:  Form a pony tale, take a sock with the toes cut off, and form the bun around the sock.  We skipped the instructions that stated girls should not wear underwear.  UM, my daughter's 4, she will wear underwear.  As for makeup, we kept it minimal, and skipped the eye liner and mascara.  I'm still traumatized form when I was 5 and my mom attempted to apply that stuff to my eyes. 

Rehearsal is one evening.  We come, shell out $10 to have their picture "professionally" taken, then wait, rehearse, and leave.

We don't need to stay for the whole time.  We've been blessed by my daughter being one of the first classes to practice, which means we are in, and out.  I've had enough time to find my favorite snarky moms, we chat, make fun of something, I tape EM's dance, and we are done, in enough time to enjoy the evening.

I also know, for the future, that if EM's class is near the end of the rehearsal, we can come late.  Maybe it isn't sanctioned by the powers that be, but there is no reason to stick my daughter in her costume, in a chair, for over an hour before her class practices.

On the day of the recital, we have our regular places to sit, not real close to the stage, but close enough.  And, far enough that we can sneak out after her program.  This year, after EM's dance, the grandparents will leave, Hubby will leave with the boys, and I will sit outside the auditorium, with my laptop, completing some work.

One of us has to stay the entire time, the dancers are not allowed to leave till the very end, which is only fair to those who dance near the end.

After the recital the parents are to come to the stage and collect their child(ren).  Meaning, the parents swarm the actual stage, causing congestion everywhere.  I head to the "green room" where the dancers waited out the evening, collect EM's stuff, then head back to the auditorium to collect her.  I don't try to walk onto the stage, parents are still swarming.  Patiently, I wait at the end of the stage (the orchestra pit area, if there was one), until eye contact is made.  Yes, it may seem like a long time, but no longer then trying to walk up onto the stage, then walk back down. 

This year, I even managed the most awesome of parking spots.  We pulled right out, and headed for the exit, no lines and no pedestrians to dodge as I backed up.   

This year EM has been saying she no longer wants to take dance class.  I'm not sure what to do with that information.  Does this mean she will want to try something new, which will mean a new learning curve for me?  I hope not, I feel like I've conquered dance recitals, and I'm ready to face more. 

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Joesette said...

Great post, from one dance Mom to another! We survived our third recital this year as well. Recital crazy pales in comparison to "Nutcracker" crazy come the holidays, in case you want to challenge yourself further.

Make her dance another year, just so you can hang with the snarky moms. I like snarky :)