Wednesday, June 8, 2011

It May be a Long Summer ...

Sound familiar to anyone: 

They are upstairs, sent to change for swim team practice.

What I hear is a lot of goofing.  Changing clothes doesn't make that much noise, even for my three.

First came goofing, then came rough housing, then comes EM (little sister) crying that someone hurt her.

Actually, she didn't come crying to me, but there was crying.  Followed by the anxious apologies of a certain older brother.  No, not that one, the other one.  Every time he said, "I'm sorry EM, I'm sorry", you could hear the pleading in his voice, "please don't tell mom". 

She did come tell me, not that ED hurt her, but that the boys weren't getting changed. 


In ED's defense, I heard EM administer the first rough housing whack.  ED was just doing what boys do.  In that case, EM was just doing what little sisters do.  Because it can never be her fault.


We have a saying in our house, usually administered after such rough housing episodes.  You can probably guess what it is that we say. 

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