Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Add Another Task to the Job Description

You know that list of jobs a mother performs?

Chauffeur, House Keeper, Schedule Secretary, Cook, CEO, Nurse, Educator, Personal Assistant, ....

Well, there is one task that was forgotten.

Drug Pusher.

Oh, sure, nurse is in there, but for the past 7+ days, I'm more of a drug pusher.  Amoxicillin, Claritin, cough medicine, cold medicine, ibuprofen, acetaminophen (because heaven forbid we combine the cold, cough, and fever reducing medicine in one bottle and over-medicate the children.  In other news, my spell check is going hay wire since I have no idea how to spell any of those drugs.  Apparently, neither does my spell check, it can just tell me that they are incorrectly spelled.)

I'm fine pushing the drugs, as long as they are not pushing their illness' on me, thank you very much.  There is one thing moms cannot do ... GET SICK!

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