Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Weekend ... By the Numbers

5 Runs of the dishwasher.

1 Flat tire, and no replacements to be found, until Monday when the warehouse opens.

6 Children.

4 Adults.

1 Brush fire, and a road trip for the guys and kids to find it. (This is the second fire in our area when they have visited.  The first was a barn fire near our neighborhood.)

1 Hour in the pool, which equaled tired children.  Tired children mean an early bedtime for them, and a fondue dinner for the parents.

5 Facebook posts about the weekend.

4 i Touches.

Numerous games of Angry Birds.

Numerous Wii tournaments.

3 Bottles of wine.

3 Games of Settlers, not necessarily with the wine.

7th visit to Virginia.  Maybe 6th, certainly not more then 7.  We lost count a long time ago.  We remember how many children we have, and those early years of parenting have completely deleted our memory of anything else.

And, somewhere, during the weekend, we realize that all of it means a weekend with good friends is priceless.  We enjoy old traditions, an adults only fondue dinner; and create new ones, playing the game Settlers.  We watch the kids grow, remember the past, think about the future, and commiserate with the present.