Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This is Only a Test


We don't do Santa Claus.  We don't do the Easter Bunny.  So, when it came time for the Tooth Fairy to visit, I figured I could finally have my fun with imaginary characters.

Well, JT guessed right away that there is no Tooth Fairy.  Apparently, the fact that he received real money meant that the Tooth Fairy does not exist.

This gets filed under, "Things I Wish I Knew Before", because then fake money would have been left under his pillow.

For awhile ED was going along with the story.  Down to the fact that he believed he saw a bright light shining in his room when the Tooth Fairy visited.

Obviously, his big brother couldn't have him believe in something that wasn't true, so the two of them have had this "does, does not exist" conversation for a couple years.

Now, ED has been wiggling a loose tooth of his for several months.  While playing shepherd in the church nativity, wiggling his tooth.  In the middle of dinner, yep, wiggling his tooth.

One night he decided to pull it out himself.

He didn't tell us, because he was performing an experiment.

He placed the tooth in an old jewelry box, left it on his bedside table, and went to sleep.

No money the next morning, meant there is no Tooth Fairy.  He was puffed up like a proud peacock while telling us this story.  Hubby and I tried to salvage the situation by stating that "...of course the Tooth Fairy didn't come, because she wasn't told to come.  What, you think the TF flys around the world, checking under ever kid's pillow?  She has better things to do, you know."

Well, that didn't work; and now I've been reminded, for several days, that his tooth is still sitting in his room, waiting for his money, which I apparently provide. I've even been given an IOU note.

Happy Tiny Talk Tuesday.  For more fun head over to Mary's at Not Before 7.


Kelly @ In Everything said...

Very smart kiddo!!! I love the idea of him hiding the tooth and not telling anyone, he's a thinker;)

WE are similiar about Santa and the Easter Bunny and we were unsure what to do with the tooth fairy when our oldest lost her 1st tooth... she was soo protective of the tooth and told everyone that she didn't believe in the tooth fairy so that the fairy won't come to take her tooth;) So she solved that one for us;)

Patricia said...

Your child is really smart:)For my girl santa is a friend and the presents comes from people she loves. Oh well she's 2 and loves to find Santa's everywhere, but she has made her very own presents for all the family and enjoyed the presents for her.

Pamela said...

You won't be able to pull much over that one! So funny that he experimented on the tooth fairy.