Friday, January 7, 2011

Moving On

The other afternoon I went to help a new mom (of twins).  Basically, I held babies all afternoon.

I love holding babies.  Sleeping babies, fussy babies, squirmy babies, happy at the world babies, I love holding them all.  I love holding babies because at the end of the day, I hand them over to their mom and dad.  I'm not dealing with whacked out hormones, sore body parts, sleep deprivation, and I can take a shower and go to the bathroom by my self. 

Now my kids are in school.  We are out of the baby phase.  The toddler phase.  The preschool phase. We are in a brand new phase, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

When you have young children, you hear it all the time "enjoy these days, they will soon pass and you will miss them."

There is an email, or blog post, some letter to moms going around, reminding us that there will come a time when we will miss those late night feedings.  Having a kid hang off of our leg all day long, even the simple things like needing a fill a sippy cup will be missed.  Basically, that we will miss needing to do everything for our children.


Now, if you are a new mom (of 1 or 10), YES enjoy these days.  Find some pleasure in the everyday and mundane.  And, remember, that this is a phase, and it too shall pass.

Yes, I miss sitting on the floor, watching the kids play, or holding a baby, and talking to a fellow young mom who stopped by for a "play date".  (Let's face it, when the kid can't even sit up, it isn't a play date for the kids.)

I miss the lazy (albeit VERY early) mornings, pajama days, runs to Krispy Kreme doughnuts for something to do that morning (OK, I just miss Krispy Kreme run for the free doughnuts and their coffee.)

I do not miss having to do EVERYTHING for my children.  I like it that they can get their own drink and snack.  They can even make their own lunches, JT has been learning to make mac & cheese (out of a box), sort their own laundry, and clean their own bathroom.

I like being able to sleep through the night.  And, even on the occasional midnight awakening, I can send the kid back to bed with a lazy rub on the back and "I love you", I don't have to get out of bed ... and I don't feel guilty.

I'm not ON 24/7. 

We have conversations.  We play real games (not Candy Land).  I can enjoy being with them, and enjoy the person they are, or turning into.  When they are younger you are physically and mentally exhausted from running after them, and doing everything.  Now, I'm just mentally exhausted; from worrying about them, and developing new discipline tactics. 

My prayer life has greatly improved since having children.  You know those verses about pray without ceasing?  Yep, that is pretty much me, even more so since sending them off to school. 

Yes, I miss the pudgy, cuddly toddlers, who explore the world and experience everything with fascination.  However, I'm loving the older child phase, as they explore the world and learn independence.  Dare I say it, they become functioning members of our household.

And yes, I'm freaked out.  Exploring independence one day, driving off to college the next.

And, for clarification, I am NOT saying I did not enjoy my children when they were younger.  I DID enjoy my children.  I am enjoying my children now, as we all enter new stages of our lives, it is just a different kind of enjoyment.  And, after 9 years of young kids, I'm happy to move on to the next phase.