Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shopping List

Now that we have had our first major snow storm (I live in the south, 4 inches is a major snow storm) I've  accumulated a shopping list, which I'll fill once our neighborhood is plowed out (yes, I live in the south) to get us through the rest of the winter.

I will pat myself on the back for buying an extra snow shovel and saucer sled before the first snow fall.

Hubby patted himself on the back for finally being allowed to buying a snow blower.  (We live in the south, why would we have a snow blower?)  Since the kids and I had already cleared our driveway (the old fashioned way) before he came home, he went to the neighbors and cleared their driveway.  He has now achieved most favorite neighbor status.

Sorry I digress.

Back to the shopping list:

Salt, the melting snow/ice type.  That little bag left over from the summer, which we used for making ice cream, didn't last long.

Another snow shovel.  We have 4, which is fine when it is the kids and me, or the kids and Hubby, however I always get stuck with the coal shovel.  The shovel made out of some sort of metal.  The shovel is heavy, which is why I always get stuck with it, the kids don't want it.

Snow boots half a size bigger, and keep my feet dry.

Snow pants, that are larger than a size small.  This is something I'm reminded every year, the first time I pull them on.  Some articles of clothing bought pre-children just don't fit anymore. 

Amazingly, hats, gloves, boots, bibs and coats for the kids are not on the list; at last until someone goes through a growth spurt.  It took us awhile to find hats, gloves, boots and bibs; and then assemble the hats, gloves, boots, bibs and coats on the kids.  And, no matter how old they are, at least once child will be dressed for the snow, then announce they need to go to the bathroom. 

 Items for the snow day box.  It wasn't that full to begin with, and they did a good job of emptying it today. 

Oh, one more item for the shopping list, wine!  4 inches of snow equals 2 snow days, meaning Christmas break starts now.  I really wish I had stocked the wine rack when I was at the store. 

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Menno Jeweler said...

I like the new look of your blog!

That's funny, b/c I threw some wine in my cart yesterday... anticipating the possibility of snow days on top of Christmas break!

A snow day box is a good idea!