Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Little Help Here!

It is that time of year, where the yogurt companies seal their yogurt containers with special lids, special lids with codes, and if you mail them in, or plug the code into their website, they will donate money to breast cancer research.

I packed my 8 lids (small, to a 4 or 6-oz container) in a letter size envelope, addressed it, and stuck on the required one stamp.

The envelope was returned to me. Apparently, the foil lids make the envelope bulky, meaning that it cannot go through the sorting machines, at the post office, which means it needs to be hand processed, which means it needs an extra 20 cents of postage.

People! This is being sent so money for cancer research is donated.

The envelope even reads "Save Lids, Save Lives", that is a part of the address.

Apparently, the post office can get a letter to Santa Clause, but they can't help push through an envelope in the name of cancer research

I realize the Post Office is having a few money problems, and they need the funds where they can get them, but a little customer service goes a long way, especially these days.

***A friend posted this comment on Network Blog: "the amount of effort it took the person to (1) locate the stamper and stamp the envelope (2) change from stamper to a pen and hand change the 1 to a 2 and (3) write the words "hand machinable" on the envelope is significantly more inconvenient then just shoving the envelope through the machine. HMMMM...."

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