Thursday, October 7, 2010


Take a guess what this is ... um ... was?

Need a guess? A main stay of the late 20th century.

It introduced, to our households, new ways to view media. It changed how we view TV forever.

A Disney higher-up (CEO?) once stated that their movies would never be distributed on this format. True story. I heard it on a NPR show.

Say farewell to our Videocassette Recorder. Farewell to the 20th Century, and anything recorded on tapes. Video Tapes. Tape Recorders.

Actually, we still have two tape recorders, and the kids do use them. Wonder if they figured out how to flip the tape, in order to hear side B?

Though we are saying farewell to the 20th century, we have yet to fully embrace the 21st century. Yes, we have the i Touch, and the MP3 player, and all our music is now digitally stored; we do not have a DVR. Much to Hubby's dismay.


Menno Jeweler said...

I have to say that DVR is about the only way we watch TV anymore. We're rarely ready to watch TV right when a show comes on. And the boys never run out of appropriate things to they fast forward through the inappropriate commercials!

Veronica said...

Funny! I just found the play button that had been missing from our VCR growing up in my brother's old legos that the girls now play with.

DVR is awesome by the way. I get sad that we can only record two shows instead of 4. So sad lol.