Friday, October 22, 2010

Growing Up: Our Dinner Plates

Hubby and I entered our marriage with these plates:

Your basic, white, no break, buy in bulk for the college student, Corelle dishes.

Actually, Hubby brought them with him. If I owned dishes before we were married then I don't remember them, and we no longer have them.

When we were married we received a set like this:

But, they are "for good" dishes, not every day.

A few years later, we were in a Crate & Barrel (this would be when we both had jobs, and no children, and lived near a Crate & Barrel) and found dishes like these:

LOVE! Love the dishes, and Crate & Barrel.

We have since been reduced to 8 plates and 9 bowls, from the original set of our lovely C&B dishes. Thanks to pregnant (at the time) me, moving, and children dancing across the floor while carrying said lovely plates.

Speaking of children. When our children began to eat from a plate we bought these:
LOVE Ikea.

We still use them, but now that they are older they use these more:

The kids designed their own plates one year, as a birthday party activity. I wish we had made more.

However, we didn't; and now that the kids are outgrowing the Ikea plates, and we only have 8 of our lovely blue plates, and 4 of the Corelle plates (maybe 3, guess what, they can be broken) we need some more plates.

So, I began doing some window shopping.

How about complimenting our C&B plates with some Shamrock Fiestaware plates?

Um no, because our dancing children will soon become surly teenagers. We need something with low breakablity.

More of the MakeIt plates? Well, without us making any. Those plates are made of melamine plates, which are virtually unbreakable, and I found some cute and inexpensive ones at Target. A trifecta! Cute. Inexpensive. At Target.

Unless you put them in the microwave. Remember our soon to be arriving surly teenagers? Yeah, they don't care which plates belong in the microwave, because they just want to eat, and then there is the added benefit of making things explode in my microwave. Um, no thank you.

Which brings us back to Corelle; which, by the way, have some very cute designs.

Like these:

Or, maybe these:

And, when the kids leave for college we will send them on their way with one of these sets. Then I can purchase my Shamrock Fiestaware, or we will pull out the "for good" dishes, because we can, and we won't care anymore.


Menno Jeweler said...

Great post! We got Pfaltzgraff plain white when we got married. Many of the remaining dishes have chips on them now. I've been eyeing some corelle plates lately too. :-)

Gina said...

Great post Erin! I completely understand the desire for "grown-up" plates :O) When I turned 40 (couple of years back!) ... I decided to get a set of MATCHING dishes. I marched into Linens&Things (before they closed their doors for good) ... and used my 20% coupon on a set that were on clearance. They look old (country farmhouse kitchen white) but are unmarred and shiny new! Love them.
Happy dishes shopping Erin ... :O)g