Sunday, October 17, 2010

Adventures in Odyssey: A Review

The residents of Odyssey are at it again. Focus on the Family has released the newest installment from Adventures in Odyssey, Cause & Effect, and this time there are mysteries to be solved, and as always Biblical lessons to learn.

The town clock is not working, someone is receiving flowers and strange notes, there is a phantom in the school auditorium, and malt milk balls are missing. While the Odyssey residents are solving mysteries, they are also celebrating Thanksgiving, learning about responsibility, and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

First, let me say, we LOVE Adventures in Odyssey. I used to listen to the radio drama when I was a kid. Before our children were old enough to realize what was on, we listened to Adventures in Odyssey on the radio, then streamed from their website, and now, on CD's. Before every vacation, we will purchase one, or two, CD's sets. Four to five hours of listening, per CD set, equals quiet car trips.

It also equals quiet moments in the house. The week these CD's arrived Hubby was on a business trip. This new set of stories came at the right time, since my children are drawn to the CD player like magnets when we play one of these stories.

The kids love these new stories. When I asked what they thought, they all yelled out, "we love them". I love the lessons, one of our household mantra's is "cause and effect", oh how I want to hug the writers and producers at Focus on the Family, what better way to make a point to our children, then for them to hear it from one of their favorite story tellers.

***Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary copy of this CD, in exchange for a review.

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