Thursday, August 26, 2010

What Schools DON'T Put on the Supply List ...

School has begun in our neck of the woods. Though we prepared, shopped early, organized supplies the week before, and the fact that this is my 5th year as an elementary school mom, I still find myself scrambling for supplies.

Small, reusable, yet disposable, plastic containers, with lids, for lunch.
I realized my oversight this evening, as I was shoulder deep in our plastic-ware cupboard. Which hasn't been organized for a while.

Not for the classroom, for me.

A clock, synchronized to our bus driver's watch.
The bus is scheduled to pick them up earlier then in year's past. On top of the new schedule, our bus driver comes earlier, then the new early time. It is too early in the morning for such an aerobic workout.

What do you wish was on the school supply list? How do you get organized, and remember what you need every year?

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Menno Jeweler said...

Maybe you should say something to that new director of transporation about that early bus time! :-)

I always supply both my boys with an extra tissue box, whether or not the teacher asks for it. My oldest is a nose bleeder, and my youngest is a chronic allergy sufferer.