Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Day Before Vacation To Do List



Umpteenth trip to the store

No matter how well I plan in advance, there is always a last minute trip. For one trip we made a last minute trip to purchase luggage. How does someone NOT have luggage available. We didn't.

Kid's stuff, books, toys, DVD's, soft toys, pillows, hats, sunglasses

Maybe not Benadryl, but there is medication. Tylenol, adults and kids. Claritin, adults and kids. Benadryl, just in case. Thermometer. Band Aids, Neosporin, Bug Spray, Bug Bite Itch Cream, Hydro-cortisone Cream.
However, NO diapers, wipes, pack 'n play, baby toys, portable potty, ....

Clean house
Drives Hubby crazy. Then again, I used to wait until the last minute, like Hubby was walking out the door, keys in hand, and I was pulling out the sweeper.

Though Canada doesn't mind who visits, returning to our own country is the hassle.

Download tunes onto the Touch
We are learning to NOT leave this to the last minute. Technological advancements do not always make things easier, nor quicker.

Directions, do we know where we are going, and not blindly relying on the GPS

Paint my toenails

Paint EM's toenails

Yes, these are important.

Last minute emails and phone calls

Write (repost from the archives) blog posts

Check batteries to DVD player, remote, L-Max's, flashlights

Batteries are expensive when bought at the gas station convenience store.

Cat taken care of?

Clean out the back of the car

Clean the children

Go to bed at a decent hour

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Amy said...

You mentioned no diapers. A few years ago we went to Canada (Sask.) My mom is from a small town there (really small about 10-12 people--8 of them are our family!) Adam was not potty trained. I was not going to take a full pack of diapers so I packed enough for the flight. I said once we get there we will "swing" by Wal-mart and pick some up. Mom then told me that we better pick some up on the way, the "swing" to wal-mart was 45 minutes. I didn't know it was possible to live that far from a wal-mart!! :)