Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Appropriate, and NOT!

I'm walking down the stairs, JT comes up to me and demands why I would allow them to listen to a song with h.e.l.l. in it.

Who, what, where, I was just hanging curtains in the boy's rooms, and now I'm being given the 3rd degree by my 9-year-old, about swear words and songs.

What do we have playing? What did EM and I pick out to listen to, that morning? Are we listening to the Glee soundtracks? Did I forget to remove several of the songs, um more objectionable songs, off of the play list?

Then it hit me. We were listening to Newsboys. They have a song, one of their old ones, one of the lines is "... boycott Hell."

Which began the discussion of appropriate uses of such words. And that the singers were the Newsboys, a Christian group, so that makes it OK.

Just as I'm about to add, "... but it is never appropriate for you can't use it, even to repeat their song", he jumps in about a preview for Family Guy, and how they used h.e.l.l. in a commercial. Apparently, the Neighbors from Hell moved next door, and JT described the whole preview. And, how that was an appropriate use of the word, right.


I'm thinking, it is time for a DVR.

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Menno Jeweler said...

That is so funny!! We are getting into that stage as well with our boys. They like to admonish people on TV when they hear bad words. For instance, they like to watch the show "Wipeout" and of course, the bad words are bleeped out....but that's almost more fun for my boys to try to figure out what they're saying! Oh my...