Saturday, June 5, 2010

Up ... Down ... It Depends on the Coupons!

They say the economy is recovering, but there are times when it seems the down economy has just entered our little town:

School budgets have been tight, but this year, lets just say they is scary tight ... crossing fingers and saying a prayer for teachers, tight.

However our state has the money to sue the Federal Government and open rest stops; but none to pay teachers, or fund the mandates they place on schools. Our children's future ranks high in our state. And, mandates are only acceptable when they say so ... just sayin'.

Sorry, I digress

Saturday we headed out to the annual book festival. The big draw are the free books, our family are suckers for books.

Then there are the hot dogs. Free and easy lunch!

No hot dogs this year.

They used to hand out goody bags to every child, each bag holding numerous coupons. Two years ago they began handing one bag out to each family (that year Hubby and I arrived separately, two bags, double the coupons!) Last year the coupons went by the wayside.

I'm a girl on a budget y'all. The economy isn't so hot, didn't anyone tell you?

Two years ago I traumatized one of my offspring, all for a milkshake coupon. I dragged lead my poor child over to the Chick-Fil-A cow
(a scary figure to someone around 3 feet tall.) They needed to say "hi" to the cow so I could snag said milkshake coupon.

Did I mention it was for a Chick-Fil-A milkshake coupon!

Showing signs that the economy is improving, Costco has ramped up their sample stands.

For a while they were displaying window cleaner and toilet paper. Last time I was shopping there, they were handing out samples of smoked salmon ... maybe the economy is on the up!

Lunch at Costco, anyone?

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