Monday, May 24, 2010

Warning: Good Times Ahead

Orange County News - January 13, 2009

We attended a party.

Which, so happened, was located in a backyard with a pool, but was not officially a pool party.

Bets were made, well not bets, because we are Mennonite and don't gamble, but "guesses" had been made as to which children attending the party would be the first into the pool.

Guess what? Our children were top runners for the "first in pool" bet ... um, I mean guess.

What does that mean? What does that say about our children?

For the record, our children were not the first to go into the pool.

Someone else's child was the first one in the pool. He had tumbled in head first.

For the record, JT never got into the pool ... every one's #1 choice to be one of the first in the pool. Though, he got very close while sitting by the side dangling his feet/knees/then thighs into the water.

ED was the second one in the pool. After having splashed himself wet, while kicking his feet in the water, he decided to hop into the pool (still fully dressed) and walk to the other side.

Why did the fully dressed boy walk to the other side of the pool?

While I'm wondering what it means when everyone expects YOUR children to be the first one into a pool not open for swimming that night, the mother of wet child #1 is wondering what it means for her future, that her child beat our children into the pool.

Sounds like fun times ahead to me.

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